Our Float Tanks

Different Floats for Different Folks

We intentionally have different styles of float tanks to suit various preferences. From state of the art float pods to an open-style lidless tank, we have something for you.

floataway tranquility float tank


If you are looking for a friendly first time experience, look no further. Our Tranquility float pod features buttons for both a gentle internal light as well as starlights built into the lid.

The door to the Tranquility lifts and closes with the press of a button to expose a comfortable, egg-shaped internal space, and may be left open at any stage to allow you to acclimate and begin to relax.

This beautiful float tank was custom built in the United Kingdom by Floataway.

Nautilus float tank


Our newest float tank boasts a very spacious float experience as well as optional multicolored lights that can be left on to help you drift off, or turned off immediately to jump into your experiencing nothing.

infinity float tank

Infinity Float Tank

Yes, you can experience all the benefits of a closed-lid tank in our beautiful open-lid Infinity float tank.

Protected from light and sound, this room provides a wonderful float, perfect for the person who has wanted to ‘dip a toe in the water’ to see what floating may be like, or for the veteran floater. A gentle light in the room may be turned off or on from within the tank using one of the open float tank’s specially-designed air buttons.

floatarium float tank

Floatarium Float Tank

The Floatarium float tank is an extra large tank which offers a particularly spacious float and often, a favorite among experienced float tank enthusiasts.